Aaahhhh. Relief.

As I said in my last post, I started my new job today. Well, kind of, anyway. I just went in for a couple of hours to stock and do random stuff that needed doing, as the place doesn’t actually open to the public for another week or so. I haven’t even had orientation yet. But the point is that I’ve been stressing about starting this job for about two weeks, and now that I’ve actually gone in and met a few people and done a little work, I feel so much better. I was near tears over it earlier, and now I feel relieved and good about myself.

Now I can actually start making money. I can buy new clothes, new makeup, new whatever. I can take my boyfriend out and buy him things, as he’s been supporting me for over a year and deserves it — plus I promised him a $20 candy shopping spree with my first paycheck. I can save for a car (though that will take quite a while with these wages). A place of my own. A life. It’s a small step, getting this minimum wage job, but it’s a step in the right direction. Towards independence and higher self-esteem. I’m feeling pretty good right now.


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