Feeling Good

I’m feeling really good about myself today. My job is going surprising well, my relationship with my boyfriend and his family is better than ever, and I kind of feel like I have next to nothing to worry about right now. It’s an awesome feeling. I wouldn’t mind having sex more often (my sex drive is quite a bit larger than my boyfriend’s), but I’m trying to be patient and take what I can get right now. I would love to have sex two or three times a day, but right now I’ll settle for every other day or so, with some toy usage in between. That’s better than the once a week I was getting for a while when life was too stressful for him to have any desire for any sexual kind of anything.

I do really need to catch up on a ton of reviews, though, and I really need to start posting some of them here, considering that’s half of why I started this blog. I should be able to start reviewing again in a few days, which will also be awesome and make me feel even better. Hmm. I just realized this post is going to be really short and non-thesaurus-y. Is that a word? No? Well, it is now, dangit.


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